What is pay per head?

Pay Per Head Pros

  • You’re in charge of your own pay per head setup, that you pay for the management software for pay per head, but not for anything else.

  • Pay per head sites work with a network of bookmakers that place bets on sporting events, and they take a percentage of every bet placed through their site.

  • The pay per head company does everything from paying out winnings to taking a cut of each losing bet to pay for its services. Because you are running your own pay per head software, you make all the decisions about how much to pay out; where to advertise; etc.

  • The main advantages to this model: – Since it’s pay per head you pay for software and nothing else, there are no additional pay per head fees beyond your monthly bookmaker costs. That allows your pay per head business to work with as little or as much capital as necessary.

  • You can run a pay per head operation virtually anywhere in the world using pay per head software from anywhere that has Internet connection.

  • Because pay per head sites do most of the bookmaking work, you will free up time to take on more clients, which means more income for you without working any harder than you already are at handling bookies for pay per head.

  • You have complete control of pay per head site decisions and pay outs, meaning you can be as aggressive or conservative with payouts as you like.

  • Since a pay per head sites provides bookie software; the pay per head provider runs your odds; they handle customer service issues and tickets, etc.; it means that not only will your pay per head business cost less than setting up an independent bookmaking operation, but you won’t need to hire any additional staff members beyond what is absolutely necessary.

  • One pay per head site can have hundreds of bookies, which means you don’t need to pay for software and pay per head services for every pay per head bookmaker that signs up; just the one time cost of pay per head software.

  • Which pay per head model is right for you will depend upon factors including what your goals are; how much money you have available; etc.