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PayPerHead 🥇 $5 PPH Pay Per Head Software for Bookies and Sportsbooks

OUR Pay Per Head SERVICE IS AFFORDABLE & PROFESSIONAL, for online Casinos & Poker

Our PayPerHead Software is easy to use, customizable (agent & player), and is the same used by big firms. We have all the tools and work with the best software & feeds provider.

Trained Agent Staff

PayPerHead Software – Because our customer service is handled by knowledgeable staff  and who have taken action before and know how.

Pay PerHead Bookie Software

Software is easy to use, customizable (agent & player), and is the same used by big firms. We have all the tools + work with the best software & feeds provider.

Live Betting Offering

Live betting for all major and no major sports. We offer 2 different live betting solutions around the clock.

Deep Monitoring

pay per head agents need a sportsbook solution that will give you the knowledge and warning signs. We offer lines manager sharp check, free live steams & injuries reports, bet email notifications, bet tickers, max money lines and tight casino profiles.

Lines Change

Choose, grab and offer the SAME lines from your favorite sportsbook. Or let our specialized lines team monitored/move your lines 24/7 with our master line profiles. You pick!

Multiple Casino

 $5 perhead package include unlimited action in both casinos: Digital & Live Casino. Every hand is recorded and accessible for the agent to review and monitored these great features. NO EXTRAS.

Line Control

As an agent, you control your lines from the agent master account. You can move/ move & follow or hide any line, league or entire sport. If you call our call center, we can also move your lines instantly for you. 

+ Payment Methods

Our preferred method is BTC Bitcoin but if that is not your choice then we can offer, Person to Person Transfers, Visa or MasterCard or Checks. For bigger and older clients, we can offer specialized solutions like GiftCards and PayPal.

Private Live Chat for Agents

For PerHead agents, we have included a private and accessible live chat to contact us internally from their agent accounts to handle any request. Off course you can also call us anytime or email us: [email protected]

PayPerHead Software | And for $5 Per Active Player

  • Pro Live Wagering (Top Global Providers)(FREE)
  • Two Digital Casinos (FREE)
  • Two Mobile Casinos (FREE)
  • Live Casino (FREE)
  • Boss Casino (FREE)
  • Pro Virtuals (FREE)
  • BetSlip Version (FREE)
  • Prop Builder (FREE)
  • Two Agent Site Versions (FREE)
  • 24×7 Live Casino Dealers (FREE)
  • Private POKER Tables (FREE)
  • Rake Customizable (FREE)
  • State Lottery From 25+ States (FREE)
  • Live UFC Fights (FREE)
  • Live NFL Games (FREE)
  • Live Horses Racing (FREE)
  • Squares (FREE)
  • Popular Bets (FREE)
  • Customizable Cashier (FREE)
  • Private Live Chat Office-Agents 24/7/365 (FREE)
  • Full Score Reporting (FREE)
  • Pro In-House Live Wagering (FREE)
  • Virtual Sports/Games: NFL, NBA and Soccer (FREE)
  • Full Track Horsebook Around The Globe with the best provider in the market (FREE)
  • Greyhound Racing (FREE)
  • Fast Grading
  • +$1 Million Infraestructure
  • Full Security for DDoS Attacks
  • Servers OffShore (Not in USA)
  • Internal Private Messaging System (Player-Agent-Office) (Skip 3rd party emailing)
  • Sports Betting Internet Players (Desktop/Mobile)
  • Full Sportsbook Set Up
  • Full Customizable Profile Limits by Agent/Player
  • Manage Max Money Lines
  • SMS & Email Bet Notifications
  • Detailed Sales Reports
  • Free Plays Management Limits (Quantity & Amount by SubAgents)
  • Squares Management (Create/Update/Delete Squares by League/Sport)
  • Complete Reporting About Same IP’s Players or Possible Bots
  • EPOS (Printed Sports Betting Tickets)
  • Auto-Mover according to the feed the Best Sportsbooks Feed
  • Auto-Check Scores in Main Sports
  • Move Lines Tool
  • Services Management By Agent/Player
  • Complete Control Over your Hierarchy (Create/Update/Delete Any SubAgent/Player)
  • Non-Stoppable 24/7/365 Wagering Call Center TOTALLY FREE
  • Non-Stoppable 24/7/365 Phone Support for Agents & Players TOTALLY FREE
  • Minute by minute steam & injury reports
  • Development Customizable Reports/Tools specific for you


Special $5 Price Per Head we offer the most advanced “Pay Per Head” services with FREE POKER, LIVE CASINO, LOTTERY, PROPS, FAST LINES, SECURE CONNECTIONS and TOTAL PRIVACY. Now all at $5 price per player!

DEMO - Create Your Own Sportsbook Business Online

PERHEAD by is the leading Pay Per Head Software platform that’s changing the game.

Use our Pay Per Head Software platform that offers you the ability to white label it with your company’s logo and corporate identity, giving you the ability to have your branding on your players’ minds as they place their bets. Keeping your sensitive business and client information safe is our top priority. Our platform’s secure data service features strong 128-bit encryption and various payment gateways that allow you to accept payment in a variety of currencies, including bitcoin. Here is the pay per head sportsbook platform you’ve been waiting for. Here, you have a complete control over your customers with our PPH Sportsbook Agent management interface.
After you’ve signed up with us, you are a part of us. Simply log in and you are competent to set decide based on your personal interest, recommend free plays, hand over credit to your customers, and settle their balances.
You’ll able to do all of these in minutes, from any of your devices, anywhere and anytime you think is best for you.

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