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Pay PerHead. Welcome to the very best in the pay per head industry. Our custom-designed, highly rated pay per head sports bookie software has been designed to meet the most recent and demanding all sports agent needs, because we know the game since 2012.


YOUR Questions,  Covered.

Pay Per Head Software is what we do best, so you’re interested in how to become an online bookie, you should know the most successful tend to have these features:

  • A solid and long understanding of sports and sports history.
  • Experience with sports betting or at least a general understanding.
  • Ans willingness to read, learn about sports, sports betting pay per head tools that will make your bookie business a success.
  • A knack for numbers and accounting
  • Relationship management skills because emotional IQ very important in any business but maybe especially in the sports betting industry because of the emotional and psychological ramifications of gaming and gambling

Pay per head is the payment model used by online bookie software. It means that you pay a set price per player in your book each week. For example, at we start at $5 per head per active player depending on the upgrade features you desire in your platform.

The vig (or “juice”) is the amount you charge as a bookie for your player to place a bet. It can also refer to the amount of interest on a loan.

Sports Bookies rely on online  sportsbooks to provide betting odds. However, adjusting the odds depending on the bets placed is a primary job of the bookie. For example, if everyone in your book has been betting on a favorite, most bookies would start to favor the underdog as game day approaches to entice a more even split.

Why? You don’t want to be cleaned out because everyone in your book bet on the same side.

PayPerHead-Software .com is a Pay Per Head Service, PPH Software, for Bookies & Sportsbooks, not a gambling website.

Call now to join over 1,000+ agents that are currently using our proprietary payperhead software, and the over 20,000+ satisfied players. Call now to open an account . Customer Support is available 24/7/365 to answer your questions.



What Is Pay Per Head?

A pay per head service, like PayPerHead-Software .com allows private bookies to give their players access to a fully equipped online sportsbook, casino and racebook.

Pay Per Head Software

Which Allows Bookmakers To Accept Bets From Players In A Jurisdiction Where It Is Legal.


Boost Prop Betting Profit With PPH Bookie Services.

Live Dealers

Pay Per Head Software for new independent bookmakers who want to succeed in the online sport wagering and casino gaming industry.

- Your ability to boost prop bets profit is easy with the right pay per head bookie software service. + - If you are a private sports bookie agent running and managing your own independent bookmaking PPH Software operation.

Building out your PPH bookie services with our Pay Per Head Software betting board with daily props is the perfect formula for building your weekly handle and the hold on that extra volume without having to necessarily expand your active weekly betting base.

Boost Up Your Prop Betting Profits

Pay Per Head PPH Software Bookie Services

Nowadays, it remains extremely critical and important that every active customer bets within their means, because of basic balance sense.

Nevertheless, there’s a very strong chance that you are not tapping into the full potential of your betting base. By giving them more and more options for the sports and sporting events they bet on the most, you can generate more betting action on a regular basis, so that’s where PayPerHead Software really shines.

Today’s pay per head weekly plans only charge a weekly fee per active bettor. That fee is not based on any one player’s individual weekly betting volume. Whether they are betting $50, $100 or a $1000 a week, the average per head fee stays around $5. This makes it easy to boost prop betting profits.

By controlling your overall payperhead costs while increasing the hold on your clientele’s betting handle. You will be adding more profit to your sportsbook business’s bottom line on a regular basis. Props remain the best example of how to make the most of this winning business formula.

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