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PayPer-Head .com is a Best Pay Per Head Software provider (Pay Per Head Service, PPH Software, for Bookies & Sportsbooks) NOT a gambling website.

Call now to join over 1,000+ pay per head agents that are currently using the Best Pay Per Head Software. Our proprietary payperhead software, and the over 20,000+ satisfied players. Call now to open an account . Customer Support is available 24/7/365 to answer your questions.
  • 3 in-game Live Wagering Apps.
  • Lottery from All US States.
  • Live Dealer Casino


    All included.
    $3 Per Head Per Week.
  • Lowest price per head software available  –

$3/Price Per Head

  • Lowest price per head software available  –

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  • Over 20 Years In the PayPerHead / PPH Software Business.
  • SportsBook, Horses and Casino For 1 Price.
  • Only $3 Price Per Head.
  • Only One Software For Reports & Wagering.
  • Voted #1 PPH Per Head Site 5 Years In A Row!
  • Anonymous, Private And Secure.
  • More Bookies & Sports Agents Use our Per Head Software Than Any Other Provider.
  • Live In-Game Wagering.



It is extremely important for agents to gain a proper feel for a price-per-head organization, especially if they are a smaller operation.  PayPer-Head Software Bookies allow agents to do just that by offering them a four week free trial.

We also allow agents to get even more comfortable with their services by requiring no minimum fee requirements in order to get involved.  

From the features side of things, both companies are pretty competitive.  They both offer the ability to bet via a mobile phone device, and both places will let agents dabble in racetrack and casino betting as well as the traditional sportsbook.


PayPerHead Software

PayPerHead Software |🥇

$3 PPH Pay Per Head Software for Bookies and Sportsbooks


PayPerHead Software | PPH software is easy to use, customizable (agent & player), and is the same used by big firms. We have the tools and work with the best software & feeds provider.

Pay PerHead Bookie Software

PayPerHead Software and customer service is handled by knowledgeable staff who have taken action before and know how.

Trained Agent Staff

Software is easy to use, customizable (agent & player), and is the same used by big firms. We have all the tools + work with the best software & feeds provider.

Live Betting Offering

Live betting for all major and no major sports. We offer 2 different live betting solutions around the clock.

Deep Monitoring

Pay Per Head agents need a sportsbook solution that will give you the knowledge and warning signs. We offer lines manager check, free live steams, injuries reports, bet e-mail notifications, bet tickers, max money lines and tight casino profiles.

Lines Change

Choose, grab and offer the SAME lines from your favorite sportsbook. Or let our specialized lines team monitored/move your lines 24/7 with our master line profiles. You pick!

Multiple Casino

$3 per head package include unlimited action in both casinos: Digital & Live Casino. Every hand is recorded and accessible for the agent to review and monitored these great features. NO EXTRAS.

Line Control

As aper head agent, you control your lines from the agent master account. You can move/ move & follow or hide any line, league or entire sport. If you call our call center, we can also move your lines instantly for you. 

+ Payment Methods

Our preferred method is BTC Bitcoin but if that is not your choice then we can offer, Person to Person Transfers, Visa or MasterCard or Checks. For bigger and older clients, we can offer specialized solutions like GiftCards and PayPal.

Private Live Chat for Agents

For PerHead Agents agents, we have included a private and accessible live chat to contact us internally from their agent accounts to handle any request. Off course you can also Call Us Anytime 1-855-256-0721 or email us: [email protected]

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